Pipe wall was household cable tolls with natural gas in ice area


The audience recently told reporters reflect, the old residential home would have to pass the gas, but the installation to the end, but has not ventilation, reason turned out to be one of the tenants to the gas company to ask for a transfer fee, so in the end how?
Reporters came to Xi'an in January 11th, Gaoling District, the supply and marketing cooperatives family members, the construction company is still in the tight construction of natural gas, in December last year, but the gas supply is still unable to ventilate the area. Reporters found that this does not agree with the supply of household often master, often told reporters master, do not agree with the gas supply is because of the destruction of the natural gas company's own house walls.
The tenants often master: "in this ANN, and there was a problem and later transferred to the side, you put the eye count, see all the many eyes, make sure there is too much, I do some damage to private interests."
As for how to solve this problem, often the master said bluntly, you must give yourself compensation in order to allow gas companies to supply.
Tenants often master: to give you the situation, that is the appropriate compensation."
Reporter: "appropriate compensation, about how much?"
Tenants often master: six thousand yuan."
District residents had been looking forward to the supply, but the emergence of this situation, some people talk together, by the full District 60 residents share the cost of 100 yuan per household, is responsible for negotiating the Xing Master said, there are still some households can not accept this approach.
Xing master: "now negotiation is now the money does not come back, now I that building over there is no problem, come back, now is the back of the floor, the floor of the people behind it, not this thing is not a solution."
Reporter: how much worse?"
Xing master: 2000 dollars worse."
Reporters then came to the district's last floor, where all 20 residents refused this requirement, they believe that such costs can not be borne by them.
Area residents: This is certainly something else in the house, it is certainly with the gas company to pay it, how can I call the individual money."
Reporter: do you think it is unreasonable?"
Community residents: unreasonable."
Reporter: how many households upstairs there is no agreement?"
Community residents: there are more than and 20 upstairs."
The reporter then went to the Xi'an District of Gaoling City Yuxiang gas company staff told reporters that the families of the supply and marketing cooperatives belongs to the old district, natural gas pipeline must be connected with the outside wall, the owners belong to the property owner, once the owners do not agree with the construction, they also is helpless.
Xi'an District of Gaoling City Yuxiang gas company manager assistant Yang Kang: "the wall is private property rights, which belongs to the owners of private property, so we have no way to go in character on the mandatory furniture construction, so the work is limited to the stagnant air."
Natural gas companies think they cannot afford such costs, the owners also think can not bear such costs, things appeared a stalemate, the staff told reporters that they can only be solved by negotiation.
Xi'an District of Gaoling City Yuxiang gas company manager assistant Yang Kang: "the local community and street office has been involved in the US, to the housing construction bureau gas office will once again reflect this problem as soon as possible to solve this problem to the owners."

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