Fire damage to the residents of the pipeline was enthusiastic neighbors to help clean the house two hours


Fire pipes damaged sprinkler, residents were bubble. Enthusiastic neighbor found immediately reported to the property, but also to help clean up two hours. Yesterday, Qiaokou District Chang Teng Jie Feng Zhu Yuan Xiao Qu Zhou talk about the matter, again thanks to the two neighbors.
Ms. Zhou lived on the top floor of the 6 floor, is an area of about 240 square meters of housing. The day before yesterday morning at 9:50 PM, her work property received a telephone, said her Water Leakage. She returned home, see the water from the two layer to a layer like a waterfall, like waterfall Cave (pictured), ground water more than 10 cm, slippers are floating on the water. The 4 floor and the 5 floor of the two neighbors and property staff are cleaning water. Property inspection found that the two layer of the fire on the balcony outside the damaged pipe, up water, part of the flow into the house.
5 floor, Ms. Wen introduced, when she was on the 4 floor Sharon home chat. Two people heard the sound of water, found outside the kitchen window and heavy rain. At first thought it was raining, the inspection found that the upstairs leaks. So they immediately notify the property, and good cleaning tools, such as Zhou's family home after the door is cleaned for two hours.
Yesterday morning 10 am, AFP reporters on the scene, there is water called home floor corridor. Terrace on the fire pipe, there is a thumb sized hole. Property responsible person, fire pipe has been more than ten years, some of the aging. The next step will be how to repair, with the water company consultations.

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