BC, the five requirements are met Kinder Morgan won the provincial government to release the trans mountain pipeline


FX168 financial network news (Bei Mei) despite the opposition and some people the controversy continued, BC governor Jian Huizhi today (January 12th) announced the approval of BC province to the trans mountain pipeline in the capital Vitoria (Trans Mountain pipeline) five requirements have been satisfied. Earlier today the capital of the trans mountain pipeline to environmental protection approval.
Gindele Morgan (Kinder Morgan) the value of $6 billion 800 million oil extension plan, first in the Canadian National Energy Bureau received additional ratifications of the 157 conditions. Then, at the end of 2016, the federal government approved the plan.
Just last month, Jane Clark who predicted the five requirements are met close to BC province. She said the government is working with Ottawa's oil spill response plan, and the distribution of interests and talks with Gindele Morgan company, she said BC was laying transportation pipeline should cruise and ascend and commensurate with the risks of return. The extension will be achieved after the existing pipeline from Edmonton to the Burnaby pipeline capacity three times the throughput of cruise port will increase by seven times.
In addition to meet the 157 conditions of the National Energy Bureau, the project to get BC approval, also includes 37 specific conditions, including consulting indigenous community views for species protection plan, and a plan of ecological monitoring project of memphis. The provincial government also hopes to freshwater and marine aquatic environment in oil spill and clean technology research, to provide emergency personnel to deal with the pollution treatment overflow scheme.
The Supreme Court of the BC requires the province to conduct an independent environmental assessment, rather than relying on the EIA procedures of the national energy board. BC, director of the Department of environmental affairs Mary Polak and director of the Rich, the natural gas development department, Coleman, acknowledged in a press release that the energy sector is responsible for ensuring that projects are developed, built and operated in a safe and reliable manner. Relevant departments will be in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Supreme Court, this month released its decision on the project.

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